About Cal Certified Mold Inspection

My name is Greg White. I am a certified home inspector and mold inspector. I am a third generation native Californian and currently operate my business from Calabasas.  Due to the fact that tens of thousands of homes in our area were built using the latest standards,  many structures have a tendency to trap moisture  in the attic, walls and floor areas.  Many homes are air-tight, which is great for comfort, but it can also contribute to moisture build-up and eventually mold situations.  If you feel that there is a chance that your home or office may have mold, I will personally come to your property and perform a mold inspection.  I normally take between 3-6 air samples and swab affected areas, if necessary. A comprehensive report is e-mailed to my client within 48 hours.  If you need either a complete home inspection or a mold inspection, please call me. at (818) 585-7436.  E-mail is:





Greg White